50th Daytona 24

Well I finally arrived in Tampa on my way to the 24 hours of Daytona. Will head there in the morning, it’s going to be a short night, but good racing should make up for that tomorrow… I will try to keep everybody posted.

Just finished day 2 at the Daytona 24. Oh well, found out there are only 2 groups, 24 hours and continental GT’s both great fields with 60 and 80 cars respectively, but still it isn’t much for a great race like this. The continental race started a bit quite with a wet track, but at the race went on, the drivers got more courageous, so we saw some more action. Now trying to get some more sleep for the race tomorrow at 3:30 pm. Just wonder why I have to be there at 8:30???

The day started with the past winners (all but 3) of the Rolex 24, very nice to see, then a whole lot of doing nothing (almost like f1) and finally the race started at 3:30pm. Good start good racing, but after 2 hours the safety car begun. untill the end of my 7-11pm shift there were more that 10 ! So I’ m thinking there will be more than one per hour (more than 24 total), those nascar softies can’t do anything without a pace car. We even went full course for a piece of rubber….. great. See if we can beat that tomorrow. Now to sleep for a short night (again).

Another pace car when I got in this morning, but it appeared to be me because there had only been 10 all race. First 3 cars still within a few seconds from each other and changing at every caution. Not bad. My shift was smooth and at the end the first 2 cars were still close to each other. The third(nr. 8) was one lap back, but got closer on the next caution, which meant the race was back on between the nrs 60, 8 and 01. Half an hour before the end of the race the difference between the 60 and 8 was 12 seconds, which went down to about 5 seconds just before the end (hand counted by me…) but in the end nr. 60 won… not a bad race after all, but I think those Daytona guys should stick to nascar. Happy to have been at the 50th anniversary, but the race in general lacks character, like for example Le Mans, Sebring and the nurburgring. So I guess I won’t be back for the 51st, but I sure wouldn’t have missed this one.

Now it’s back to the Netherlands and wait for Sebring, when I should be joined by Arjen and Gert. See you there.

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2 Responses to 50th Daytona 24

  1. Gert Ketel says:

    Beste Oranjemannen,

    Mooie site, zijn de foto’s verdwenen? Of moet ik met een wachtwoord inloggen?

    Tot snel hoop ik Gert Ketel.

    • maurice says:

      Hello Gert, please note that this site uses english so our friends across the pond can enjoy this also. Photos are still in the same place, but in case you didn’t bookmark them before I added a gallery link on the main page. See you in Sebring !

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